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February - a BIG Birthday Celebration!

Note: A couple of days ago I was doing the first pass at uploading photos for this particular post. It was getting late - around midnight on a weeknight and time to go to bed - so I went to hit the "save" button....but hit the "publish post" button instead. Oops! Obviously it was a premature here is a more "polished" post about February.

The Big 5-0!!

So the highlight of February - and probably of the whole year - was that I had a "big" birthday. I turned FIFTY!!! A half-century. Old? Definitely Not. Middle-aged? Maybe. (I am older now than my mom was when I graduated from high scho0l. That's a sobering thought.) I only hope that my 50s are as good or better than my 40s. A celebration was in order...and I am going to make the entire year a celebration.

"Life's milestones warrant a party." ~ From a "Dear Abby" article titled "Turning 50 Beats the Alternative" appearing in the Deseret News on Feb. 9, 2010 (my 50th birthday)

It all started on February 4 - five days before the "big" day - when I went to lunch with, who I thought was only going to be, our Relief Society Presidency - Bethene, Shannon, and Laila - at one of my favorite places to eat, Garcia's. Much to my surprise it was just that - a "surprise" party. In all, there were 20 of us at lunch. Completely fun...and I am so blessed with amazingly great friends. Bethene, Shannon, Laila, Wanda, Meribeth, Presdee (my youngest friend at the lunch), Lori, Judy, Karen, Tori, Connie, Marie, Emily, Christy, Sue, Sherrie, Pam, Cachea, and last-but-not least, Brenda. Not just lunch, but two dozen roses, balloons, other nice gifts, and a scrapbook of sweet birthday greetings from those at lunch and some who couldn't make it. I was amazed!! I still am.

Some of the "loot" from the surprise lunch

This little gerbil plays a cute little birthday song...which was (and is still) a big hit


With my birthday being on Tuesday, it was only appropriate to make it a four-day-weekend. (I mean, really, how often do you turn 50?!?!) On Monday I was headed up to West Yellowstone to spend the night. Just me. Some solitary time. What I wanted. As usual, if the opportunity arises that I can stop at Harriman to ski I will take it. That's just what I did. (Have I ever said this is my FAVORITE place to XC ski!!) The completely awesome thing was that I was the only person there skiing!!

The only other person I saw out on the trail was the guy driving this grooming machine. So not only did I have the whole place to myself, but freshly groomed tracks to boot!

I didn't get to Harriman until 2:30 the shadows were getting pretty long before I finished.
As I was skiing along the magnificently beautiful river trail in complete solitude - and in celebration of my first 50 years - my thoughts were drawn to two women who had such a profound influence on my life. The first was my mom. (How can you NOT think about your mom on your BIRTHday?? She played a huge part on that blessed day!!). The other person was my friend, Karin. She passed away last year...and will remain in time only 49-years-old. So in my own way, if only in my thinking about them, they were with me on this beautiful day along Henry's Fork.

Such a clear day - Henry's Fork...with the Tetons in the distance

Staying in West Yellowstone, I enjoyed a nice dinner, relaxing in the hot tub, working out in the fitness room, a movie....etc. Nice. I headed home and met my friend/visiting teacher, Tina, for a session in the temple. What a great way to start my second fifty years!

On Wednesday I arrived back at the office to this...

I guess it's only appropriate that I got ribbed a bit...and given some products to help me in my aging!


Last but not least, I went to Utah the weekend following my birthday...where the celebration continued with family. With birthday cake, more balloons, and more presents.

A big "Thank You" to everyone who has helped me celebrate so far. I think the culmination will be when I ride the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota in August/September.

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  1. Carma, I just now looked through all the pictures and the celebrations. I finally understand why you enjoy skiing sooo much - the pictures were incredible.
    I hope you continue to celebrate all year!!! How has 50 been so far?